Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Know Your Porn Stars: Adriana Sage

Back when I was new to watching porn I found this hot ass chick named Adriana Sage. I checked her stuff out and was past impressed. She was one of the first porn stars that looked like she was having fun doing it. Not only that, but she was close to my age. Most of the porn stars I had seen were either old, dead, or the porn was from when I was a child. Just old, bad porn. Sage was fresh and new and had a look that seemed natural. She didn't “look” like a porn star. She looked like a hot girl that you would know in your personal life but that she would never sleep with you...sober.

One of the difficult things about finding films with Sage in them was the fact that she would use multiple names. She'd use Adrianna Sage, Adrian Sage, Alana, Lana, and I do believe that she used the last name Kane at some point. She was born in Mexico, moved to San Diego, CA, and at the age of 19 shot her first film after first working in a strip club for 6 months. Damn. Could you imagine going to a strip club expecting women with stab wound scars or looking a hot mess and seeing this chick dancing there? She'd get all my money. She gets bonus points for basing the name Sage off of a comic book character.