Saturday, November 3, 2012

No On Prop B!

The thing about porn is that is that a lot of the sex that happens is surprise sex. Someone delivers food and the sex happens. You’re walking down the street and a van pulls up and someone inside asks if you wanna the have sex. Police come to arrest you and the sex happens. You know what doesn’t happen? Safe sex. Why? Well, besides the fact that safe sex is for squares its also because porn films aren’t real and they can just fuck with no consequences. We know that there are but still get treated like special needs children.

Yeah, we know that some bad shit can happen when you don’t use condoms, kids being at the absolute top of that list. There’s also booty cooties but whatever. When you fuck a bunch of people, especially on film, you know the risks. They’re all adults. Prop (Measure) B makes it so that all adult films force the actors to wear protection including condoms, gloves, and in some cases dental dams.