Friday, January 24, 2014

Please Don't Go!

Are you happy now? Porn is leaving The Valley. Most of the porn created is done in the San Fernando Valley and because of the condom laws being enforced companies are like fuck that and leaving in droves. And guess where they are going? Las Vegas. Know why? Because Las Vegas is progressive. They got legal prostitution there and everything.

Its said that the permits requested to film porn in LA County dropped by 95% since the law requiring the use of condoms took effect. Besides the condom law there is the fact that no one s really buying porn anymore. They say its because of sites that let you watch all the porn you want for free. I say its because people are tired of watching the super surgery having chick that are in high end porn. Seriously, chicks look scary as hell now. Also, with all the permits and such it is just getting too damned expensive to continue filming here. Las Vegas permits are cheaper and they don't require health permits.

This part is a problem.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Know Your Porn Stars: Lexington Steele

You watch much Black porn? Hahaha! That needs to be the way I open up every conversation no matter the topic! If you have watched any then chances are you've seen this guy named Lexington Steele. This man...this man is loud when he has an orgasm. Like, very loud. I mean, I have watched so much porn that I am used to it but when I first saw it happen the shit caught me way off guard. If you have ever seen that cartoon Gargoyle's there's a scene in the theme where the leader lets out a yell. That's kinda what its like. Shit's pretty intense.

Something that makes his scenes easier to watch than most Black porn guys is that he doesn't talk shit the entire time. I've complained before that in a lot of Black porn everyone talks. The guy fucking. The guy waiting to fuck. The cameraman. Everyone. This guy doesn't and I appreciate it. How much talking do you need to do when you have something the size of a weapon between you legs? You let it talk for you. And then you scream in triumph when you're done.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Joys Of WeHo Part 4

The yellow metal poles have claimed yet another victim. In the metered lot across fro the Gold Coast the most dangerous things used to be aggressive cruisers or Captain Cucumber. Now its these posts that I didn't even notice until I started hearing people crunch into them. It has become such a regular thing that people at the bar cheer when it happens. I'm not quite sure why they were put where they are. If the arm doesn't lift after 2am to let people in they just knock it over, which has happened quite a few times. It doesn't keep super large vehicles from entering since the giant AIDS bus goes back there. I guess its better than people ramming into the telephone pole. I mean, they still do. They even wrapped a metal guard around it that is now dented from drunk drivers backing out the bar and smashing into it.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Know Your Porn Stars: Nina Hartley

I have a thing about pornstars. I can watch hundreds of films (and I have) but if I ever had a chance to sleep with one of them I never would. Except for Nina Hartley. She was in the second porno I'd ever seen. Real porno. Not that nonsense that I thought was porn on the Playboy channel. There was a movie whose title I forget and I remember thinking “Whoa. That is a great ass.” And it was. Is. Nina still has a great ass. At the age of 54 she has an ass that girl's in the 20's are paying to have.

Standing at 5'4” she has done over 900 films and directed close to 20. She is considered one of twenty five women from the golden era of adult films and I'll be damned if I don't agree. She was doing porn back in the day when no one was even allowed to seat for fear of messing up their large hair. She was born in Berkeley, CA and for years has been an advocate for adult films, even being on Oprah at one point. 

Changes In West Hollywood

Irv’s Burgers is no more! Actually, its still around. It just moved down the street though. This place has been around for a really long time and I've only been there once in maybe the last six or seven years. Its okay but nothing to write home about. I hardly ever think of the place since they have always had such strange hours of business.

A few months ago I saw this new place, a cafe of some sort, opening next to them (Beach Nation) and thought “Wow. That noise and filth is gonna drive them out of business.” Of course West Hollywood City Hall which is right across the street probably has no more fuck's to give. If they did they would probably do something about all of the homeless in the area or the human shit and vomit that regularly covers the sidewalks in the morning. Or have police that show up when you call them (I called to report someone threatening a man with a knife and they came...40 minutes later...and it was someone they had arrested multiple times).

I'm rambling.