Monday, May 8, 2017

Unleashed In WeHo

There have been a lot of missing pets in West Hollywood. Its not hard to understand why. Over the last year I have noticed that people have been unleashing their dogs way more and just letting them run around. Its stupid and this isn't the 80's when that shit was cool. They've even stopped picking up the dog shit and its mingling with all the homeless poop in this city. Every day I can look out my window and see a yappy ass little dog running around and then half a minute later see an owner holding the leash and talking on their phone. I see the same thing with kids too but this isn't about them. Its about small dogs vanishing. 

I saw one recently posted at a crosswalk that made me cock my head. It said the dog needed medication and also had on its no barking collar. Yeah. You took away the dogs second weapon and means of communicating and somehow let it wander away. I've worked in pet stores and back then, maybe there are new ones now, but the collars either shocked the dog when it barked or sprayed it with citrus. Hey. How about not having a dog?