Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How Big Is Too Big?

Big dicks are like clowns. Either funny or terrifying. Men take pills and get surgery in the hopes that they can get a few extra inches that God didn't see fit to give them. The pills don't actually make it any bigger and the surgery can only give you a few extra inches before you get into dangerous territory where you'll end up with this floppy nonsense between your legs. No, not your date. Besides surgery or pills there are cock rings and penis pumps but those are just temporary fixes for the issue which is you aren't comfortable with the size of your junk.

I have heard many women talk about a guy that had a very small penis and even when they are 85 years old they will sit and laugh at the guy that was 3 inches erect. Then there are the women that talk about the guy that was so big that they dare not allow him inside of them. How about a guy that is 8 inches...flaccid?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Dreaded Mangasm

There's something that accidentally happens sometimes when you watch porn. Its a chance you have to take unless you watch POV porn. Its the mangasm. This is one of the biggest problems facing porn and it needs to be taken care of. I've talked about it once before when I was discussing glory holes. Some people describe it as something excited that is exclusively for men like cars and shit. That's silly. Plenty of women love cars and men only get nice cars because women like nice looking cars. Dave Chappelle said it once so its true.

When I talk about a mangasm I am talking about that terrible moment when you are watching porn and when you are about to release the hounds suddenly the camera decides to focus on the look on the man's face as he is finishing. Its a terrible moment in your life and totally fucks up your orgasm.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

You Put What Where?

I was talking to a friend about objects getting stuck in asses and how they got there after reading a story about a man sneaking a loaded gun into jail by using his butt purse on my last Rosscast. I don't care if someone wants to have their ass used for a good time until it gets to the point where they start jamming crap that is just laying around up there. There are times where I get hurt and wonder if something embarrassing happened would I go to the doctor or not.

I like to think I would but I had a bladder infection once years ago and it took my six months of living in knee buckling pain before I did it. Going to the doctor is never fun. They poke you and ask you questions that you never want to answer honestly. Plus there are sick people all over the place! Yes, I have worked at a hospital two times. Just the idea of ending up with something in me that I cant get out makes me cringe. So while it is stupid I am pretty sure that if I got, let's say, Buzz Lightyear stuck up my ass that I would just have to get used to being a bigger fan of Toy Story than you.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Porn Tales 12

In the porn shop we used to get defective tapes. I say tapes because DVD's came along much later. I would say about 95% of the time a customer brought a tape back because it didn't work that it meant that they were unhappy with the choice they made. I get it. There were lots of different reasons why people weren't happy with the porn they got. It was too short, not enough sex, or the guy that was on the cover didn't get fucked.

The line that everyone wanted to use and DVD's killed was “The tape is broke.” They would then mention how they tried it in three or four VCR's and it didn't work in any of them. Then I would pop it into the small, cheap ass TV/VCR we kept at the counter and sure enough it would work fine.

This is why I can say I have watched more gay porn than many straight men.