Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Porn Tales 13

Back at the porn shop there was this old Latino guy that worked there and stuck out like a sore thumb. This horrible woman that worked there knew him and when he came in I thought he was lost. There was nothing pervy about him and he could barely speak English. I thought I was either being pranked or that the manager just didn’t give a fuck anymore and was hiring anyone that walked through the door. Which has happened. We did have customers end up being the counter.

I can’t help train the guy because he can only understand a few things I say so the training was left to the horrible woman. Now, this woman did not have what one would call a good work ethic. So by the time this guy is done being “trained” he can rent you a movie or do anything that requires you handing him money and saying bye. He ended up working the late shift (5pm to 2am) which was the devil’s shift. You’d get everyone from the gay bar coming in drunk, fighting, and yelling at people to get them to leave the store when it was closing time.