Saturday, May 30, 2015

Batman V. Superman XXX Looks Better Than Real Thing

For a while now porn films have somehow managed to make costumes in their movies look better than versions that costs over a hundred times more to produce. Last year Axel Braun put out the Captain America XXX where the most of the characters were truer to comic book form than any Marvel movie ever did. This time Batman v. Superman is targeted and they manage to do the same again.

I don't even care if the acting in this is bad. They look great. With the Catwoman alone they have won. I get pissed when they change the way a character looks from comics. If you're gonna do it make it look better. The chick playing Maxima looks awesome. I like that they gave Supergirl a new look. If you've seen images for the new series (click here for that) its the same ass costume you've always seen but with stockings.

Monday, May 11, 2015

How Much Do Porn Stars Make?

Have you ever wondered how much porn stars make? I use the term “star” loosely because you can just film yourself jerking it and load it online and consider yourself a member of the porn industry. Years ago I heard that male straight guys playing gay made the most and this made perfect sense to me. 

The numbers on this may be different now because the numbers range from 2012-2014. If a straight male porn star is slightly popular they can get between $200-600 and as little as $50-100. If you fuck on film and walk away with a check for $50 you really need to evaluate your life. I understand paying your dues but the ultimate due to me is fucking on film.

A female can get from $800-1,000 being with a guy or another girl. Her low end is more than the straight guy can get tops. If she decides that she needs to have another hole filled she'll get an cool extra $100. And the butt sex? $100-300 more per scene. I would love to hear the train of thought that goes into that process. “Hey, while you're here do you wanna make an extra hundred bucks? You do? Okay. Just take it in your ass. No, not $200. Just the one. Deal?”