Sunday, May 11, 2014

Digitally Removing Condoms

It is a sad state of affairs. We are at a point in time where a porn company has to sit around digitally adding condoms back into porn. Falcon Studios released California Dreamin' 1 and it is the first film to use technology in post production to make it seem as if they did not use condoms during the making of the movie. “Why would someone go through the trouble of doing this?” you ask. Because L.A made it where porn had to use condoms when filming in 2012. Ever since this happened permits to shoot porn dropped 95% and many companies just hauled ass to Las Vegas where they don't have to deal with that nonsense. Assume that L.A County has lost out in thousands if not millions of dollars because of this. Gay porn on the other hand has been requiring the use of condoms for quite a long time. They were already self policing. Straight porn is also required to regular testing unlike gay porn but that is fakakta at best since a few times every year someone slides their diseased dick into someone and next thing you know no one is shooting porn for a while. I wonder how good this technology looks but I'll be damned if I watch gay porn...again.  

Study Lies Saying Porn Leads To Cheating

Some nonsense called Psychology of Popular Media Culture thinks that people who watch porn are more likely to think that having an affair is fine. After data collected from 551 married couples gathered by the General Social Survey they gathered responses from the participants and came up with this result. The study stated things like “Pornography consumption was associated with more positive subsequent extramarital sex attitudes in both analyses” and “If pornography consumption leads to more positive extramarital sex attitudes as the results of the panels suggest, pornography consumption may be a contributing factor in some divorces via extramarital sex behavior.” They also stated that affairs are the most used devices in porn leading some to think that it is “normative and rewarding.” Well, honestly, that depends on what type of porn you're watching,

There is porn where people cheat. They sleep with the babysitter, the neighbors husband/wife, some random chick in a bathroom, step-children, and food just laying around. Again. It depends on what you're looking for. I wonder if they asked these couples how much sex they were having because I believe that how much you watch correlates with how much sex you're having with your partner. It's not even close to as much fun to handle yourself with or without porn when you have the ability to have sex with someone else. But if your partner isn't having sex with you the next best option is porn. You don't want them watching porn? Well, either accept that cheating is now on the table or just enough porn to not murder you in your sleep.