Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Celebrity Sex Tape Reviews Part 1

Celebrity sex tapes are a weird thing. They will either make you smile or ruin your Spank Bank. The first one I ever saw made me feel uncomfortable because it wasn't even really a sex tape. I'm gonna just start with my reviews of these before I blow my load. Ha! Get it?! Blow my...? Nevermind.

Pam & Tommy Lee Hardcore

This was the first celebrity sex tape I had ever seen and one of the few to actually feature what could be called a “celebrity.” Now anyone that has been on TV is a celebrity and make fake sex tapes for attention. This tape is weird because it really seems like this never was meant to get out. They don't try anything fancy looking or use great angles. Its just them hanging out and fucking all over the place. You find out that Tommy Lee has a huge dick and Pam Anderson looks just as good naked as she does clothed. This tape flew off the shelves at the porn shop and rightfully so. You get to watch a sex kitten and a rock star fucking on tape. And its for real tape. There was nothing digital about this. This is for real's bootleg ass VHS tape.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Know Your Porn Stars: Buck Angel

This is Buck Angel. Years ago when I worked at the porn shop we got a movie in and I was so confused as to why so many people were asking for it before it even came in. I'd seen a picture of him and thought “Okay, its just some biker dude. Must be his first time taking it in the ass.” Yes, that was a very huge reason for customers wanting to see a movie as some porn stars are just tops (meaning they are always the fucker, not the fuckee). But a co-worker, once the tapes arrived (Cirque Noir), showed me why everyone was clamoring to see Buck fuck.

Buck has a vagina.

This is not a man that went out and got surgery to attain a vagina. Buck was born a woman and decided after a lot of turmoil to undergo procedures including hormone therapy to become a man...with a vagina.