Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mr. Marcus Spreads Cooties

Oh, this is just perfect! Yes, that is me being sarcastic. Porn star Mr. Marcus, pictured left, has shut down porno in the San Fernando Valley. Not in the cool way like “Man, I shut that club down!” No, he actually has stopped the making of what keeps me from killing people by spreading cooties. Turns out he got syphilis while shooting a porno and got medicine for it but for whatever reason could not keep it in his pants and out of vaginas long enough for it to work fully. Oh, and he altered his test results so that he could continue ruining porn. Talk about bad timing. I wrote a while back (click here to read) about the government wanting to make all adult films use condoms.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chickens Vs. Rainbows

The latest news story regarding gays has been the news story about the owner of Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy, saying that he endorses "...the biblical definition of the family unit." Now, I have written about how tasty Chick-fil-A is because it is still new here in Hollywood and fucking delicious. Seriously, I know that this place is old to many of you but its still new to me. Their sandwiches make me J in my P's just thinking about them.

Cathy has been against same-sex marriages for years. This is not something we have just found out. Dude is religious and most religious people would prefer that you stick it in a woman or take it from a man. Don't you love how I can take thousands of years of hatred and simplify it so easily? Because that's seriously what it all comes to. What you do with your crotchal region can easily offend some people. Don't even get me started on where you put your mouth!