Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pippi Longstocking In Porn?!

Pippi is doing porn! Well, the actress that played Pippi Longstocking in a terrible late 80's film is doing porn. Sort of. You see, the thing is, the actress, Tami Erin, says that she thinks that she was recorded by a guy she dated who secretly did it. This type is totally unauthorized and Erin is super pissed about it happening. When I first heard this story I was like “Oh, lord, no!” Those Pippi films cam out a very long time ago and the idea of seeing that woman having sex terrified me like you couldn't imagine. 

My problem is that I have a very vivid imagination and when people say things to me I picture it quickly (which is why I stopped asking girlfriends how many people hey have had sex with). Thankfully, this was the new lame Pippi, not the awesome old one.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Let The Man Teach!

Isn’t it old yet? You know, being homophobic? Acting like gay people are this new, strange creation that hasn’t been around since the dawn of mankind? At St. Lucy’s Priory High School in Glendora, CA, now former teacher Ken Bencomo has been relieved of his duties after a story of his wedding to his partner and now husband Christopher Persky were published in a newspaper.

Bencomo has worked for the school for 17 years and many are saying that his sexuality has been known for quite some time. This has not been a secret he has kept from the staff. I doubt he would walk into the break room talking about all the gay sex he just had the previous night like how some straight people do and you know who you are. It just didn’t become an issue until it became very public. Hmm. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

The U.S Supreme Court now allows same sex couples to get married here in California and they did what was their legal right to do. Obviously he didn’t think he was wrong in doing so.