Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Overload on Reload

These “male enhancement” pills called Reload are in the news after Lamar Odom ended up in the hospital after doing a combination of coke, alcohol, god knows what else, and these pills (which I have written about before). They say that he took about ten of them in three days and now he is in a coma. I love out of all the things he took these pills are taking the brunt of the blame. They are being yanked off of shelves so if you still have them save them. They are about to be worth a lot of money.

Reload enhancement pills stay in the body for 72 hours after one dose and are safe to take with alcohol. Other benefits of the supplement include stronger erections, delayed orgasm and a quick onset time of 30 minutes.”

The last time my dick stayed hard for that many days was in 2013. Otherwise its just wasteful. Well, Odom was at The Bunny Ranch when all this happened. They sell these kinda pills at almost every store and they are right at the front counter, so when you're at 7/11 you can get a Big Gulp and give your partner that big dick. Next thing you know your dick is like a toddler on speed.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Monster Parking Lot Almost Done?

The monster parking lot that I wrote about earlier this year is still not open. It was supposed to be opened two years ago but as you can see it isn't. Its close, but not open. What really sucks about this thing that no one will use is that since the traffic is so bad over there all the assholes that like to speed down these tiny ass streets have now chosen mine to fly down. I wish they would build parking for all these new giant apartments they are building that no one is moving into because once they do it is gonna be crazy over here.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Batman V. Superman XXX Looks Better Than Real Thing

For a while now porn films have somehow managed to make costumes in their movies look better than versions that costs over a hundred times more to produce. Last year Axel Braun put out the Captain America XXX where the most of the characters were truer to comic book form than any Marvel movie ever did. This time Batman v. Superman is targeted and they manage to do the same again.

I don't even care if the acting in this is bad. They look great. With the Catwoman alone they have won. I get pissed when they change the way a character looks from comics. If you're gonna do it make it look better. The chick playing Maxima looks awesome. I like that they gave Supergirl a new look. If you've seen images for the new series (click here for that) its the same ass costume you've always seen but with stockings.

Monday, May 11, 2015

How Much Do Porn Stars Make?

Have you ever wondered how much porn stars make? I use the term “star” loosely because you can just film yourself jerking it and load it online and consider yourself a member of the porn industry. Years ago I heard that male straight guys playing gay made the most and this made perfect sense to me. 

The numbers on this may be different now because the numbers range from 2012-2014. If a straight male porn star is slightly popular they can get between $200-600 and as little as $50-100. If you fuck on film and walk away with a check for $50 you really need to evaluate your life. I understand paying your dues but the ultimate due to me is fucking on film.

A female can get from $800-1,000 being with a guy or another girl. Her low end is more than the straight guy can get tops. If she decides that she needs to have another hole filled she'll get an cool extra $100. And the butt sex? $100-300 more per scene. I would love to hear the train of thought that goes into that process. “Hey, while you're here do you wanna make an extra hundred bucks? You do? Okay. Just take it in your ass. No, not $200. Just the one. Deal?”

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Iceman Is Gay Now

Its rare that comic books make the news. It takes things like Superman dying or Batman having his back broken to get the news to admit that comics exist. Or making a character gay. This time its Bobby Drake aka Iceman. The way he was outed is silly but kinda makes sense in a comic world. Another mutant reads his mind and is like “Bobby, you're gay.” He denies it and then has to explain how its hard enough being a mutant let alone gay. Gay characters in comics is not a new thing. They do it every year but it tends to be characters that are C-level and below.

Like, a few years back they were like “Green Lantern is gay!” which made people rage as if they really cared about the Green Lantern. Then we all found out that it was a Lantern that no one knew or cared about. It was just a thing to get attention in the news. And it worked to get attention but in the wrong way because like I said, it was a Lantern no one knew. Being gay in comics does nothing to help gay causes unless I guess you just want to see gay characters in comics. I'm sure that makes some struggling teen feel good. Its not like you're gonna get to see them bone each other. They're just someone that is sexually attracted to the same sex.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Know Your Porn Stars: Misti Dawn

Misti Dawn is, or was, one of those porn stars that managed to combine hometown hot and brand new hot at the same time. I first saw her while watching Max Landis' short film Death And Return Of Superman. During one scene I saw her and asked “Who in the hell is this chick?!” Expecting some modeling photos or bikini shots I was shocked (and so pleased!) to find out that did porno films. Some of you may not know how much joy that brings me but there is nothing like seeing a random hot chick and finding out she bangs on film.

When she was 18 she started modeling for the Suicide Girls which are a pack of hot women covered in tattoos and piercings. Trust me. They're sexy. Years later she started shooting films with Burning Angel which is pretty hardcore and then Belladonna. If you have never seen a film from Belladonna and her company than you can't say you have seen hardcore porn. I need to write about her soon.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Millions Of Dollars

The other night WWE wrestler Darren Young, real name Fred Rosser, was left off the upcoming tour in the Middle East. There are two sides to this. One side is his where he feels that he is being left behind because he is a openly gay man. The other side is that being gay is not cool in the Middle East...openly. 

Young stated on his Twitter account “Why do we bring the best entertainment into a country like abu dhabi and they look down upon women and gays? I get it! #MillionsofDollars.” I get why he is upset and I also get why WWE left him off the tour. Though I believe that he should be allowed to do what he loves anywhere in the world I also understand that some parts of the world are not as accepting as others and that the lives of he and other performers run the risk of being attacked. It is a wrestling company where people pretend fight each other for the entertainment of millions. They aren't a country or political party.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

When The Police Don't Care

The West Hollywood police have run out of shits to give. I've known this for a while but sometimes I kinda forget and am reminded when I am forced to deal with them. I try not to because I know that they don't care about what you do as long as you don't park where you shouldn't be or speed. Otherwise this city is a goddamn wild zone. You can cross wherever you please, whip out knives, rob people and get away with it.

Recently I called because a few days ago there was this guy in the parking lot screaming at the top of his lungs about nothing. Was he sick? Crazy? Disturbed? High? I don't care. He was a short Black guy with a three foot blond wig and a baseball cap and a lot of garbage. After about two hours of this the police rolled up. Three cars. He didn't stop acting crazy. Most times when the cops show up people tend to tone down their levels of lunacy. Not this guy. He had a fewer less fucks to give than the police of West Hollywood.

Monday, January 12, 2015

West Hollywood's Monster Parking Lot

"The City of West Hollywood has awarded a contract to T.B. Penick & Sons, to construct the 200-car City Hall Automated Parking Garage and Community Plaza Project which will be located at 8300 Santa Monica Boulevard (City Hall)." 

Oh, boy. This monster building has been in the works for a while now and when I passed it today it looks like it is far from being completed. According to WeHo's site about this new parking lot there are supposed to be 200 spaces available for parking. Let's assume that automatically about 30 of those will be for city hall vehicles. This was supposed to be finished in May of 2013. Ha! Oh, and when I say it is automated I don't mean with just robot arms that go up an down. Your car is physically moved somewhere else while inside.