Monday, January 12, 2015

West Hollywood's Monster Parking Lot

"The City of West Hollywood has awarded a contract to T.B. Penick & Sons, to construct the 200-car City Hall Automated Parking Garage and Community Plaza Project which will be located at 8300 Santa Monica Boulevard (City Hall)." 

Oh, boy. This monster building has been in the works for a while now and when I passed it today it looks like it is far from being completed. According to WeHo's site about this new parking lot there are supposed to be 200 spaces available for parking. Let's assume that automatically about 30 of those will be for city hall vehicles. This was supposed to be finished in May of 2013. Ha! Oh, and when I say it is automated I don't mean with just robot arms that go up an down. Your car is physically moved somewhere else while inside. 

In their fancy little drawing above they have a beautiful lawn right across the street when it fact there are homes and places of business. I know they can't draw Hamburger Mary's in the image, but, come on. 

There are houses there that used to have a nice view that will now be replaced by a huge building with cars going in and out all day. 

That intersection on Sweetzer is bad enough as it is. WeHo has very thin streets. Now add people trying to come in and out of that building all day and night. This neighborhood is going to look very different over the next couple of years with all the construction going on. This is not a city made for the residents but for the visitors. 

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