Sunday, November 9, 2014

Laughing At Pornhub Comments

I was watching an interview with comedian Hannibal Buress on Howard Stern and laughed when they started talking about their favorite porn sites to watch. The mentioned the fact that people leave comments on these sites. Now, I try my best to stay out of the comment section on any sites but my own. Most times the comments go to racist, homophobic, or religious within 3 to 5 comments in.

I went to my bookmarks and decided to read some of the comments that people left. The shit is ridiculous. I will post what they said (without their names) and comment on them. I will not alter the way they wrote anything. Gotta say that because I don't want folks thinking that my grammar is this damned bad.


Whoa, whoa, whoa. Imagine if you really got to talk to or meet your favorite porn star. Read that sentence out loud. I dare you not to sound like you just walked off the set of Django Unchained. I mean, good lord. And all caps? Nice touch. This would scare Sara Jay away if done in real life.

Wow she's the SLUT

Oh, nice one. The only women that tolerate that kinda stuff being said to them are paid to have it said during a scene. No regular ass woman likes that shit.

Need to find me one of these.

You mean a woman? Yeah. You kinda do. I doubt you will ever meet a woman that likes being called a “these” though.

well as this woman caresses her I feels freedom fun and real enjoyment of this great woman

Now, I know the video that this came from and this guys statement makes absolutely no sense. I even checked to see if it was a robot. Its not. I would prefer if it were, but its not. This is a real human walking around and breathing that writes like this.

I remember the first time i jacked off watchin Kelly Starr I jacked my self to sleep ,LOL. Woke up an hour later .smilin...

Such sweet. Much sexy. Now, Kelly Starr is an amazing porn star but I could never bring myself to post a comment on her or anyone's video. I sure as hell would never tell a woman that I jerked it to her and fell asleep. She may like the smile comment.

Looks like my girlfriend's pussy, perfect for fucking

Okay! I seriously doubt this guy actually has a girlfriend. As for her vajayjay looking like his girlfriends? I have never looked at two of them and thought they looked the same. Ever. They're like snowflakes.

How is this absolute loser gettig to fuck this total goddess?

Probably because he can spell. How are you gonna hate on a guy having sex with a porn star? He isn't some guy off the street. And since I know the video I can honestly say that the guy wasn't all that lucky. It was a long ass scene and the girl had no rhythm at all. None. But she was cute. But no rhythm at all. You are allowed to cause someone to slip out only so many times.

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Nathan said...

Hilarious, and totally true. I've laughed quite a few times at comments on Porn Hub. Sometimes I'm appalled.