Saturday, March 21, 2015

Know Your Porn Stars: Misti Dawn

Misti Dawn is, or was, one of those porn stars that managed to combine hometown hot and brand new hot at the same time. I first saw her while watching Max Landis' short film Death And Return Of Superman. During one scene I saw her and asked “Who in the hell is this chick?!” Expecting some modeling photos or bikini shots I was shocked (and so pleased!) to find out that did porno films. Some of you may not know how much joy that brings me but there is nothing like seeing a random hot chick and finding out she bangs on film.

When she was 18 she started modeling for the Suicide Girls which are a pack of hot women covered in tattoos and piercings. Trust me. They're sexy. Years later she started shooting films with Burning Angel which is pretty hardcore and then Belladonna. If you have never seen a film from Belladonna and her company than you can't say you have seen hardcore porn. I need to write about her soon.