Thursday, January 29, 2015

When The Police Don't Care

The West Hollywood police have run out of shits to give. I've known this for a while but sometimes I kinda forget and am reminded when I am forced to deal with them. I try not to because I know that they don't care about what you do as long as you don't park where you shouldn't be or speed. Otherwise this city is a goddamn wild zone. You can cross wherever you please, whip out knives, rob people and get away with it.

Recently I called because a few days ago there was this guy in the parking lot screaming at the top of his lungs about nothing. Was he sick? Crazy? Disturbed? High? I don't care. He was a short Black guy with a three foot blond wig and a baseball cap and a lot of garbage. After about two hours of this the police rolled up. Three cars. He didn't stop acting crazy. Most times when the cops show up people tend to tone down their levels of lunacy. Not this guy. He had a fewer less fucks to give than the police of West Hollywood.

So they just stand there for about half an hour watching him act nuts. Then they leave. I was like “Did I miss something?” So he continues but now he has a stick he got out of the trashcan behind Out of the Closet and it swinging it around and screaming. An hour later another three police cars show up. The routine repeats itself. They leave, he acts crazy for a few hours, and finally leaves.

I thought I was done with him. There are some crazy people they come to WeHo and vanish at least for a few years like Boomerang, Captain Cucumber, and Overring. But this freak showed up again two mornings ago singing Madonna and blasting a radio. He remixed the songs to reflect his mood which was apparently Fuck, Shit, and Asshole. This was just before 7am. I decide to be a good citizen which means, spoiler alert, nothing gets done.

I call and explain what is happening. They know who I am talking about. They acknowledge that they have gone to see the guy and ask if I want them to send another patrol car after telling me that there is nothing they can do unless he hurts someone. I tell him that a car just went by a few minutes ago, looked at the guy, and left. I was and am pissed that someone has to be assaulted before they can or will do anything. If you ever want to know what some residents think of the police here check out their Yelp page. 

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