Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Overload on Reload

These “male enhancement” pills called Reload are in the news after Lamar Odom ended up in the hospital after doing a combination of coke, alcohol, god knows what else, and these pills (which I have written about before). They say that he took about ten of them in three days and now he is in a coma. I love out of all the things he took these pills are taking the brunt of the blame. They are being yanked off of shelves so if you still have them save them. They are about to be worth a lot of money.

Reload enhancement pills stay in the body for 72 hours after one dose and are safe to take with alcohol. Other benefits of the supplement include stronger erections, delayed orgasm and a quick onset time of 30 minutes.”

The last time my dick stayed hard for that many days was in 2013. Otherwise its just wasteful. Well, Odom was at The Bunny Ranch when all this happened. They sell these kinda pills at almost every store and they are right at the front counter, so when you're at 7/11 you can get a Big Gulp and give your partner that big dick. Next thing you know your dick is like a toddler on speed.

The medical community is taking this too seriously. If someone is willing to grab an over the counter dick pill its not to have sex with their spouse. They are going to use it for nothing but bad reasons, like me with the power of flight. They are going to take it, drink, get high, and stick it in unfamiliar holes. You're not gonna go to the doctor all logically an' shit like “Hey, my dick won't stay up when I want it to. Help me.” That reload is supposed to delay orgasms too. Yeah. This product is just for the pleasure of women. If guys could come in three seconds and not be shamed they would. 

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