Saturday, April 16, 2016

How About That Robotic Parking Lot?

WeHo's terrible idea is opening in...I'm not quite sure. West Hollywood's official site says that the parking lot located on Santa Monica and Sweetzer is allegedly going to contain 200 parking lots. 

It was supposed to break ground in March of last year and open in August. As of the writing of this the place appears finished but is not available to, you know, the public. The funny thing about this useless lot is that there is a parking structure on Kings Road which is almost across the street has 165 parking spaces but no one really uses it. I've seen video of how the robotic lot that will open up hopefully before unnamed gods return to Earth and laughed. Ever since that area has been worked on other smaller streets have gotten more dangerous. People do 80 going down Harper and La Jolla. 

Hamburger Mary's signed some deal with the devil and their valet takes up spaces (and drive nice cars dangerously) behind Out Of The Closet. The city also changed parking permit rules a few months back which was for the better because they were handing out 50 plus resident permits to businesses. How was that ever okay?! Residential parking has improved noticeably which shows how much they were taking advantage of this loophole. I'm sure all the new buildings they are adding to the area will make parking even better. 

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