Thursday, April 30, 2015

Iceman Is Gay Now

Its rare that comic books make the news. It takes things like Superman dying or Batman having his back broken to get the news to admit that comics exist. Or making a character gay. This time its Bobby Drake aka Iceman. The way he was outed is silly but kinda makes sense in a comic world. Another mutant reads his mind and is like “Bobby, you're gay.” He denies it and then has to explain how its hard enough being a mutant let alone gay. Gay characters in comics is not a new thing. They do it every year but it tends to be characters that are C-level and below.

Like, a few years back they were like “Green Lantern is gay!” which made people rage as if they really cared about the Green Lantern. Then we all found out that it was a Lantern that no one knew or cared about. It was just a thing to get attention in the news. And it worked to get attention but in the wrong way because like I said, it was a Lantern no one knew. Being gay in comics does nothing to help gay causes unless I guess you just want to see gay characters in comics. I'm sure that makes some struggling teen feel good. Its not like you're gonna get to see them bone each other. They're just someone that is sexually attracted to the same sex.

That's how I view homosexuality at its most basic level and why I think it is ridiculous that people are offended, scared, and hate the thought of gay people existing. Its just another human that has sex with their own sex. Okay. Moving on. Some gay characters in comics are Batwoman (one you don't know), Rictor, Shatterstar, Jenny Sparks, Northstar, Renee Montoya, and my favorites Apollo and Midnighter. These two are incredible.

Obvious spoofs of Superman and Batman they were a part of a team called The Authority. They are two of the coolest and most powerful characters in comics and they just happen to be gay. They show them kissing, talking about loving each other, and Midnighter even inserts a power drill into the ass of a villain that assaulted his boyfriend. The guy deserved it. I think they are actually married now.

Their relationship is not used as a plot point for a few issues and then forgotten about or ret-conned. With Iceman this will be forgotten about in a few issues. Marvel is so not committed to this that they even suggested he may be bi-sexual just to make it that much easier to forget about later. He has been in relationships with multiple female characters already so its not outside the realm of possibility that they will take that route.

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