Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Dreaded Mangasm

There's something that accidentally happens sometimes when you watch porn. Its a chance you have to take unless you watch POV porn. Its the mangasm. This is one of the biggest problems facing porn and it needs to be taken care of. I've talked about it once before when I was discussing glory holes. Some people describe it as something excited that is exclusively for men like cars and shit. That's silly. Plenty of women love cars and men only get nice cars because women like nice looking cars. Dave Chappelle said it once so its true.

When I talk about a mangasm I am talking about that terrible moment when you are watching porn and when you are about to release the hounds suddenly the camera decides to focus on the look on the man's face as he is finishing. Its a terrible moment in your life and totally fucks up your orgasm.

Its hard to explain to someone that doesn't have a dick what it is like to cum when you don't want to. Its like when you try and save that last piece of candy for later but you end up eating it a minute later while talking to someone and not realizing it. Did it taste good? Who know? You cant even remember eating it let alone how it tasted. But you do know that it wasn't as good as the other ones because you weren't ready.

The night? Ruined.

I have never understood the need for whoever is putting these films together to switch to the guys face when he cums. We don't look good when we cum. As a man I know this. Women other hand? Birds start singing and music plays and its awesome. Move the camera to her. Not the guy looking like he is pinching a loaf and heaving and sweating right when I'm supposed to finish. 

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