Saturday, January 11, 2014

Joys Of WeHo Part 4

The yellow metal poles have claimed yet another victim. In the metered lot across fro the Gold Coast the most dangerous things used to be aggressive cruisers or Captain Cucumber. Now its these posts that I didn't even notice until I started hearing people crunch into them. It has become such a regular thing that people at the bar cheer when it happens. I'm not quite sure why they were put where they are. If the arm doesn't lift after 2am to let people in they just knock it over, which has happened quite a few times. It doesn't keep super large vehicles from entering since the giant AIDS bus goes back there. I guess its better than people ramming into the telephone pole. I mean, they still do. They even wrapped a metal guard around it that is now dented from drunk drivers backing out the bar and smashing into it.

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