Friday, January 10, 2014

Changes In West Hollywood

Irv’s Burgers is no more! Actually, its still around. It just moved down the street though. This place has been around for a really long time and I've only been there once in maybe the last six or seven years. Its okay but nothing to write home about. I hardly ever think of the place since they have always had such strange hours of business.

A few months ago I saw this new place, a cafe of some sort, opening next to them (Beach Nation) and thought “Wow. That noise and filth is gonna drive them out of business.” Of course West Hollywood City Hall which is right across the street probably has no more fuck's to give. If they did they would probably do something about all of the homeless in the area or the human shit and vomit that regularly covers the sidewalks in the morning. Or have police that show up when you call them (I called to report someone threatening a man with a knife and they came...40 minutes later...and it was someone they had arrested multiple times).

I'm rambling.

It appears that the person that owns the spot where Irv's was (Santa Monica & Sweetzer) was trying to get them to repair their damaged patio area (tin roof) and it was just too much. They are now at 7998 Santa Monica Blvd. aka That Spot Where Businesses Last Two Months. I kid you not, there have been in the last two years maybe five different food places and I never tried any of them. I'm not gonna get hooked on some great food just for them to leave. Looking at you, Buddha's Belly!

Years back Irv's was designated as a cultural resource and historic site. But that means nothing now since its not even in that spot and now sandwiched between another business that closed down and Laurel Hardware which is not a hardware store anymore but a strange bar that clogs the sidewalk at night and Fubar. Hopefully Irv's has changed their hours to accommodate this since they usually closed at around 6pm.

I may give Irv's a try at their new location. Just gotta make sure I don't get hurt crossing the street at Crescent Heights and Santa Monica. My lord. Since they tore down that center where the doughnut shop and cleaners used to be, that intersection is way more dangerous to cross for some reason. I think a Walgreen's is going there even though there were all kinds of protests against it. But oddly enough not a peep was heard when the weed shop opened where 20/20 Video once stood.

I need to get out of this city.

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