Saturday, September 8, 2012

Scared Straight Boys

I was talking to a friend last week about homophobia, particularly men. I was saying how I wish some huge gay activist would come out and just be honest about things just to clear up any confusion straight men may have towards gay men. According to most homophobes gay men are just waiting for the perfect time to attack straight ass. Any straight ass. It doesn’t even matter what the guy looks like. And this is where the problem starts.

Gay men have tastes. Hell, most human beings do. There is no reason to believe that just because someone is attracted to your particular sex that they want to bang you. If anything gays have a very thorough list and ways of letting you know if they are interested. Just because you’re a guy doesn’t automatically make you interesting to them. Let me explain it to you in a way you may understand. This is for the scared straight boys.

Unless you’re a social misfit, when you walk into a club you don’t want to have sex with every girl there. There are girls of every shape and size. Some are big and you don’t like that. Some are Black and that scares you. Though there is vagina present, you do not want to have the sex with all of them. Gays do the same thing. They see dozens of straight men every day and they don’t want to sleep with them. Do you, as a homophobe, think you’re that damned cute? That you’re so irresistible that a gay man will have no choice but to bone you? Or maybe you think gays operate on prison terms.

"I like ya. And I want ya."

It’s a matter of common sense and getting over yourself. You’re not that damned cute, dude. Homophobia is so damned absurd that listening to people who are is scary as it is funny. Like a clown with a balloon…filled with gasoline. You should start feeling like the hot women that jog through West Hollywood. Ignored. You’d probably be upset to find out just how many gay en want absolutely nothing to do with you.


Hoozle said...

This article is spot on. People don't know what the fuck gay is. That sounds dumb as it seems pretty obvious what gay is but I've heard the stupidest fucking conversations where guys are like 'Is it gay that I like shopping?' or 'Oh come on, using a sponge for shower gel isn't gay!'. What...?

It reminds me of a gag in the Simpsons where one of the schoolkids has a girlfriend. The school bullies taunt him with 'You kissed a girl, that's so gay!'.

So because they know nothing about homosexuality and don't bother actually going to the trouble and finding out about it, they fill their ignorance with fear. Ever notice that people who hate gays hate them because in their ignorance they assume that gays have the most extreme and worst characteristics of male sexuality. A sleazy obsession with casual sex. Not caring who their partner is, only wanting sexual gratification. Predatory behaviour. Of course there are gay men like that. It's because there are men like that, it's part of human nature. But to generalise is stupid.

It's all projection. If they realised that gays are just people too they'd be better off. But let 'em suffer, there's a price for stupidity.

I think I need some happy pills this morning *growl*

Dante said...

I don't even get on people for saying things are gay. I don't like when people think that gay is some kind of contagious disease. And a lot of them do think that every gay man wants to be with them. Its like assuming every anything wants to sleep with you. Its stupid.

And most of the things people who fight against gay rights use as an argument like for the right to marry tend to be able to do these things and fuck them up. Divorce rates are insane yet there are gay couples that stay together far longer.

And if I took happy pills half my blogs wouldn't be written.

Hoozle said...

Funny, I was talking to a friend about how a certain amount of angst generates creativity. Too miserable? Nothing happens. Too happy? Too busy being happy. Just pissed off enough? Hilarity, insight and entertainment ensue. And I didn't need happy pills as it turns out, I just needed a sinus decongestant but didn't realise it til too late. The tiredness, crankyness and feeling that my right eyeball was melting should have been a clue.

Considering that you worked in a gay porn shop for years, you have the right to call whatever you want gay. I think you know gay. I don't get offended if people talk about something being gay or not, it just sounds stupid coming from 99% of those who do because they sound so idiotic. And I don't understand how guys who think all gay men want to sleep with them seem to think being gay is a sexual compulsion rather than a sexual persuasion.

I actually got very emotional when gay marriage was legalised in New York, as they had an old, old couple talking about their plans to marry. They had been together for decades. How can anyone deny people who are in love the right to marry? Awfully, awfully sad.

Dante said...

Humans are always most creative when being destructive. It always reminds me of that Outer Limits (or Twilight Zone) where the aliens say that we were built by them to fight and that when they create world peace it makes the aliens laugh.

If I were a lawyer I would be fighting for gays to marry since your business would skyrocket. I still hate that people hide behind the bible when saying they don't like gays and try to deny their rights. Its funny how this country is allegedly about separation of church and state but its obviously not.