Sunday, July 13, 2014

Still A Big Deal

Why is it such a big deal when someone famous comes out of the closet? I ask that question already knowing the answer. I'm sure that for gays, lesbians, and all the other names that seem to come out every year for gay folks (kinda like Black, Negro, African American, Colored) it is awesome to have someone that is well known let the world know who they truly are. I can't imagine how hard it must be to have to keep your sexuality a secret from family, friends, and the public for fear of being rejected, attacked, or disowned. Its silly that its still even a thing that happens. Your child likes someone if their same sex? Wow! That's so...unheard of.

No, it isn't.

I think what bothers me most about the fact that its still a big deal is that your sexual preference is just that: a sexual preference. It doesn't make someone better or worse by being gay. Its just who they have sex with. That's all. When people talk about being gay being the downfall of society it makes my eyes cross. 

When people are disrespected because of who they are born wanting to have sex with it is just ridiculous to me. No actor acts worse when they come out of the closet. No athlete plays worse when they come out of the closet. No musician plays worse when they come out the closet. You tell me Freddie Mercury would've been better if he pretended to be straight! Impossible! That man has the most homophobic of men at sporting events chanting “We Will Rock You”, “Another One Bites The Dust”, and “We Are The Champions.”

They were called Queen for god's sake!

Sadly there are and will likely always be the ones that are afraid of homosexuality. I have written about them before calling them Scared Straight Boys. The ones that think that because someone is gay that they will be raped or the object of desire from a gay person. Its as if they think that gay people don't have some form of taste and that just because they have a penis that they will be wanted. If anything, living in West Hollywood for 17 years has taught me that gay men are scary specific when it comes to what they like. But trying telling that to a SSB. They don't wanna hear that shit. “If he's gay he wants me!” they will think until the day they day.

In the last couple years there's been Zachary QuintoRicky MartinVictor GarberMeredith BaxterRupert EverettJodie FosterAnna PaquinFergieJonathan KnightDavid Hyde PierceEllen PageGillian AndersonAnderson CooperFrank Ocean, and Darren Young have come out as gay, lesbian, or bi-sexual. And you can bet there are hundreds of actors and athletes that have not come out yet because they are afraid. Or because its no one's business.

If this shocked you, you weren't paying attention.

I always laugh when I hear a woman say that she is tired of dealing with men and will become a lesbian. First That isn't how it works. That continues the silly idea that being gay is a choice. Second, all you have to do is ask a straight girl if she would go down on another girl. Look at her face and watch the range of emotions she goes through before realizing that she'd much rather deal with shitty guys than going downtown. More vajayjay for me! So selfish of me.

In the last few years more and more people have been coming out and that is great. There are some people who have not come out but have been outed and the public has not changed their opinion about them either way. Most times its because a lot of people are either 99% sure they are gay or just don't care. I have never cared when someone was gay in real life or when watching a performer. It just doesn't matter to me and I wish that there were more people that it didn't matter to. 

What bothers me most about all of this is that my brain turns it into a justice issue. I don't care about all that much. I could write a book about what I hate and maybe two pages on what I enjoy or am slightly passionate about. Justice is one thing I am very serious about. When people are discriminated against because of who the want to fuck, that is just wrong. 

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