Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wish For WeHo Walgreens

I went to this place called Tasty Donut here in West Hollywood. I’ve been going to this place since I was, like, 16 years old. That means that for more than half my life I have known this place existed and have consumed it. Over the past five years or so the quality has been dropping. Not to mention that damned young girl behind the counter that hates having to get off her phone to help you. God forbid you give them money. I went yesterday and she fucked up my order which made me quite bitter since I get the same thing every time I go there. Now there’s a threat to this mom and pop donut shop. I rhymed!

Walgreens! The evil corporation is going to be placed at Santa Monica & Crescent Heights and I could not be happier. Fuck donuts. I want to be able to get cheaper booze than the expensive ass liquor store where cashiers vanish during business hours. I want to never have to go to that shitty CVS on La Cienega.


I know that people have issues with Walgreens and how they treat their employees. Whatever. If it sucks don’t work there. That place makes billions and they’re not gonna change how they do shit since people will always apply to work there. There have been petitions and stuff to stop Walgreens from opening. Oh, the uproar in West Hollywood! But not a peep was made about the new pot shop.

This'll be better than finding used condoms on the ground.

A medicinal marijuana shop is opening where 20/20 Video used to be. I miss that place so much. I didn’t even know a pot place was opening until they painted the building green and then hung up a sign. Didn’t hear one thing about meetings stopping it. Didn’t get anything in the mail asking me to vote against it. Damn thing just appeared.

Know what else I haven’t heard anything about? All the homeless people that hang out behind Gold Coast or Out Of The Closet. The pot place is now a part of this axis of evil. Right now there are two new homeless people. I’ve noticed more since that new food place opened on Fairfax. They cant just hang out in that spot anymore so they’ve migrated here. And don’t get me started on that asshole with the shaved head and tattooed neck that the cops keep arresting and he keeps coming back and threatening people with a knife or fighting them. Have I mentioned how much I love the Weho cops?

Not homeless. Its Joaquin Phoenix.

I’m excited about Walgreens opening up in that dead ass shopping center. Marco’s moved a while ago and took over where Buzz Coffee was. Some new place is replacing Silver Spoon across the way. This strange city is about to become stranger and let’s all hope that I can move within the next two years.

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