Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Queer Dilemma

Living in West Hollywood I’m surrounded by homosexuals. I’ve worked with some, live in the same building as some, and am related to some. I have never had a problem with guys liking other guys. Hell, it meant less competition as far as I was concerned. I was never like " Ew, you like dudes?!" I just didn't care.

I never understood why so many other people did either. To me it never mattered who someone slept with. It wasn't like I was watching them fuck. The people that live above me could be fucking plants and I couldn't care less. So why do others? Fuck whoever you like except kids.

Its not like I grew up in a super tolerant household. It was quite the opposite. But I’m a natural dissenter. I cant just follow the way people behave or think just because they tell me to. I’ve always asked questions and questioned authority.

A lot of people say that the bible says that it's wrong. They can find verses and quotes that say so. Since I am half lazy I have never took the time to actually look any of that shit up so I just say "Uh-huh" and go about my day. There are so many versions of the bible to choose from which do you believe in? I'm sure that if I felt like it I could find some verse saying that it's wrong to eat meat. The fact that there are states in this country where you can be arrested for having anal sex (with a man or woman) is retarded.

Why do religious nuts care so much about where someone chooses to put their mouth or penis? And don't get me started on how the priests have been messing around with little boys for centuries only to be relocated. The hypocrisy is astounding! I think a big part of the reason they are screwing around with kids is because of the whole not being able to marry thing. It made since a few hundred years ago but not now. Let 'em marry and I bet the whole boy buggery thing will vanish.

When families turn their back on their child because they are gay is just wrong and sickening. How could you not want your kid because of what they are? What they "are" is just someone who wants to be with the same sex. That's it. It doesn't mean that they are evil or strange.

Some people go through life living a lie. Marrying, having kids, and dying never living the life they wanted for themselves. A gay person living a lie must feel like hell. I couldn't imagine doing something like that.

The thing I love is how it's cool to be gay nowadays. But only on weekends and when it looks cool. Like girls making out at clubs or "experimenting" in college or whatever. Girls can get away with that shit while guys cant. I have never wanted to be with a guy. Guys look like monkeys to me.

I didn't pick to feel this way just the same way gay people didn't choose to be the way they are. If you know a gay person let them know that it's okay. Not to be afraid to be who they are and live in fear. So many people have died and killed themselves just because they were afraid to tell their families, friends, and even themselves that they were gay. What a fucking planet. Everyone needs to just get over it.


Hazel said...

Did something in particular inspire this blog?

About the biblical justification for homosexuality as an abomination, I'm sure you've seen the West Wing clip that deals with it. If not, have a look here:

I agree 100% with what you say. It's common bloody sense. I don't know why, but about ten years ago, I took a complete sickener against homophobia. I'm not gay, don't have gay family (that I know of) and my close friends who are gay have only come out very recently. But the sheer ignorance and stupidity that is homophobia enrages me. I think it was the realisation that people were being denied some pretty basic things -such as the freedom to have meaningful sexual/romantic relationships, marrriage etc etc etc -because of their harmless personal and private preference. That kind of exclusion and discrimination is unthinkable in a civilised society. Fuck homophobia. I support the right of any religious nut or even just run of the mill homophobe to feel uncomfortable about gays, that's just the way humans are, we're judgemental assholes. But allowing someone else's prejudice to interfere with the daily lives of ordinary decent people is bullshit. If I was allowed to use my personal prejudice as justification for denying other people their rights, I would make it illegal for religious conservatives to vote or run for office. But even if I could, I wouldn't do that, because I am not that type of asshole.


Dante Ross said...

Hazel in 2012!!!

Hazel said...

I would be an awesome president.

Dante Ross said...

I do too. I would have you not use your American voice and just start screaming about Gur and how it needs to be brought back.