Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Not My Little Pony!

We used to sell magazines featuring people who liked to dress up like animals and ride each other. Not even sexually. Like, some dude would have a chick in full body leather and then just sit on them or have a full carriage and have a bunch of them pulling them around. I mean, I get some fetishes. Even if I don’t I can somewhat understand why it could be hot. But this? Nope. If I had the ability to have more than one woman willing to do some strange shit for me the last thing I would do is dress her up or make her work. And the chicks that are usually into this sort of thing are not really the kinda dame I would get all hot and bothered over in the first place. Allow me to present Exhibit A.

Yeah. That is not hot to me. They have some pretty damned elaborate costumes too. The full body ones, butt plugs that have a long tail, and horse heads. Yet another sexual device you have to hide from anyone that visits. Anytime I find out about a fetish I wonder how people get into them. Do you have to grow up on a farm? Really love the feeling of being bucked? Yeah, that’s a good reason. What was I talking about? Yeah. These magazines would cost close to $30 but they were some of the best made ones we sold. Probably because they know how much these folks spend on their costumes and will be willing to, ahem, pony up some cash for them.

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