Monday, October 8, 2012

Damn You Boy Scouts

Quick! When you think of the Boy Scouts of America, what are the first things you think of? Me, I think of badges, gay stuff, and molestation. I’m sure that there have been thousands of people that have made it through being a Scout where neither of the last two things happened but the only time this group appears in the news its because some bad stuff is going on. This time its because a kid named Ryan Andresen is being denied his Eagle status because he’s gay even though he‘s totally legible for it. He’s been a Scout since he was 6 years old and is about to be 18 years old.

The Scouts discovered that he was gay when he stood up for another member of his troop that was being bullied when he wrote a letter. His particular troop is sponsored by a local church and if there’s one thing the church doesn’t like its gay stuff. There is absolutely nothing gay that happens in regards to church. None whatsoever. “This scout proactively notified his unit leadership and Eagle Scout counselor that he does not agree to scouting’s principle of ‘duty to God’ and does not meet scouting’s membership standard on sexual orientation” a statement said.

Are we still saying that God hates the gays? Look. Just let the kid get his badge. He’s gay. So what?! All you people running around hating gay people need to just cut this nonsense out. Stop using God as your moral barometer and just admit that you’re a hateful asshat. You can be gay and still be religious which is hard for me to wrap my head around but it appears that its possible. Just give him the badge and pretend that everything is alright. Like when priests get moved to another church. What?


Anonymous said...

They also discriminate against atheists. Fuck the BSOA.

Hoozle said...

The founder of the Boy Scouts in the UK, Robert Baden-Powell, is generally considered to have been a repressed homosexual. This discrimination is bullshit. 'Standards on sexual orientation'? What the fuck?