Friday, June 10, 2011

Cruising Together...

In my very first blog for this new site I want to introduce people to the world of cruisers. Most people know cruisers as people who drive or an actual vehicle. I’ve spoken of the many magical ones in my area and below I have even added a photo as an example.
lists a cruiser as “… a person who may take pride in going around public areas in search for having sexual intercourse with the same gender.” Oh, this barely touches the tip of the iceberg of the world of cruisers. I have been living in West Hollywood for about 14 years now (Jesus, that is sad…) and have watched some of these guys actually grow up from 18 year old fresh faced fellas to 30 year old battered and meth out freaks.

Some cruisers, usually the new ones, wander a bit too much. I spotted a new one just yesterday who was walking around the parking lot in front of the cars and grabbing his dick. A common rookie mistake. The vets know the score. Pick a spot and stand there with the merchandise on display ala Captain Cucumber (I will write about him sooner or later).

The worst kind of cruiser is the ones that travel in groups. Nothing is worse than a group of bored cruisers on a slow ass selling day. Expect lots of skateboarding, Frisbee, and much to my enjoyment, being run over while sitting on the curb! Yes, that happened and yes I have photos.

I have had the chance to look through a cruisers backpack while working at the porn shop. He left it overnight and we had to see if there was any identification. Yeah, that’s why. It had toothpaste, condoms (surprisingly), mouthwash, gum, small packets of lube, and socks. I was shocked at the lack of body spray or wet wipes.

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